Your private beach resort at the north coast of Bali

We, the owners of Taman Indah renting out our villa in Lovina Beach area at the north coast of Bali, would like to see every guest feeling themselves important and comfortable – as we want feel ourselves – by treating them with courtesy, respect and interest. It is therefore that our accommodation is offered to groups of 4 to 10 persons and is aimied towards the ultimate feeling for each and every individual guest by providing relaxation, service and care in an atmosphere of superior and affordable quality, such as condition of all facilities, including garden, and services provided by our staff.

As a result of many years of working and living abroad with associated travel experience, we are not only familiar with the desires of international tourists from various continents, e.g. Europe, South-East Asia, Australia, etc. but also with organising special events for families (wedding day, marriage), friends (reunion) and businesses (meeting, away-day, retreat). Additionally, due to our professional background, we have hands-on experience with anything in the area of lifestyle such as fitness, wellness and nutrition.

Over 5 years of renting out, Villa Taman Indah is still that unique accomodation with distinct character beyond anything you normally ‘have’ at home. The 24hr/7day service provided by our competent HelpDesk for any question you may have, for assistence, call out for help, repairs, etc. gives you that extra comfort and relief. It is this affection and professional care that appeals to the many guests we have had so far.

We understand that holiday means taking time for each other, relax and chill out, doing those things you haven’t done over the last 12 months and this is exactly what we in Villa Taman Indah give and guarantee: A private beach resort for every guest. One recognizes the professional care we exercise in the early stages by prompt and clearly answering any queries you may have or by making the reservation or final booking, thereafter. And please note, by making such reservation you can experience that great feeling at the north coast of Bali with your family, friends or colleagues, within the shortest possible time.

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