To be as clear as possible about the rental arrangement of our villa, find below the answers on frequently asked questions.

Q. How far is the villa from the beach?
A. Immediate adjacent to the beach, i.e. you step from the garden on the sand.

Q. How far is the villa from shops, bars and restaurant?
A. These can be found in Lovina, some 5-6km from the villa, i.e. approx. 10min driving by car, motorbike or public transport. The bigger stores, such as Carrefoure and Hardy’s, are in Singaraja: 20-25min driving.

Q. Is there a cook and is food included?
A. Two staff are available for cooking on Monday through to Saturday from 08:00-17:00hrs. Food (e.g. meals, snacks, etc.) is not included but give the girls some money and they will buy the ingredients on the local market. Also, drinks such as beer, wine, softdrinks, etc. are excluded.

Q. Is a driver or car service included or available?
A. None of these services is included but can be made available via our HelpDesk (ref The House Book).

Q. Is laundry included?
A. Yes, staff will wash, dry and iron.

Q. Is there wi-fi and Internet access?
A. Yes, full access after purchase of a voucher from company Bits&Bytes.

Q. Is there an electricity surcharge?
A. Not as long as consumption is reasonable. But yes you pay extra if usage is beyond what is reasonable.

Q. Are there extra cleaning fees?
A. No extra cleaning fees will apply.

Q. Are there any additional costs?
A. Yes, for any trip you ask staff (e.g. market, supermarket, etc.) they will ask you IRP 10.000 for petrol. Although very flexible, but after 19:00hr you will be charged for overtime of staff, i.e. IRP 20.000 per hour for two staff members.

Q. What refunds apply on a standard 50% deposit?
A. Generally, no refund will take place.

Q. How far is the villa from the airport?
A. Say 85-90km only but is a 2.5-3hr trip by car.

Q. What’s the best way to get to the villa: should I organise a car/driver in Denpasar, or can you assist?
A. Let us know the number of travellers as well as the amount of luggage and we can arrange for pickup from the airport. You pay directly to the driver for each car IRP 500.000 one way (approx €45).

Q. We are keen divers and wondered what the local facilities are.
A. The best Bali diving spots are some 30 min by car. Another 15 min further will bring you to the National Nature Reserve park and Menjangan Island: a snorkelling paradise with a 30 meter steep wall.

Q. What options are there for evening entertainment in the area?
A. Apart from many bars and restaurants there are some dancing and night clubs.

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