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Northern Bali, Lovina Beach. “Far away” from the busy, tourist attractions of the South. Chill and relax in the vicinity of volcanoes, temples, mountains, tropical rainforest, rice fields, Bali Sea, lakes, black sand beaches, botanic gardens, etc. Some cities and villages in the neighborhood are Lovina (Kalibukbuk), Seririt (7km) and Singaraja (10km).

  • The far north of Bali has so much to offer in terms of things to see and do, great accommodation and a beautiful coastline for those who appreciates the beauty of nature. Click on Things to do and  Places to visit.
  • Places to visit in SingarajaLion City was once the capital of Bali under Dutch colonial administration.
  • Getting to Kintamani from the direction of Singaraja.

Seasons, weather and monthly specifics. Two seasons with temperatures varying between some 27 and 32°C, day and night but also whole year through.

  • Dry and wet season: it is always good to know what the weather is going to be like.
  • November: weather, facilities and things-to-do
  • December: weather, facilities and things-to-do
  • January: weather, facilities and things-to-do


  • From Bali to Lombok, and back: there are 3 ways to get from Bali to Lombok, i.e. by plane, by high speed ferry and by public ferry.
  • From Bali to Singapore, and back: by ferry is no option, the only way to get between Bali and Singapore is the 2h 35 min flight.
  • From Bali to Australia, and back: there are 2 airports to choose between if you want to get to Australia fast and not spend too much on a ticket.
  • From Bali to Jakarta, and back: route is served by plenty of low cost carriers; budget travelers may choose to travel either by a combination of bus, ferry and train.
  • 10 days in Indonesia: you can spend an entire 10-day vacation in Bali but it’s also worth it to check out some other places in Indonesia as well.
  • Southeast Asia is a region that demands to be traveled as a whole region, rather than as the individual countries that comprise it. Thankfully, traveling between the countries of Southeast Asia is not only convenient, but also very cheap.

Lifestyle, food, general

  • What to eat in Bali: the food most tourists see as Indonesian food comes from Java. Here are some popular dishes from Indonesia, that you might get served in Bali.
  • Balinese names explained: it seem that every second person has the same name!

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