the North

Getting there is half the fun. The various routes over and through the volcanoes and lakes are lush, amazing and surprising. The coastal routes take you through tiny villages, unchanged for decades, and give you access to numerous under appreciated cultural and religous sites.

And, as fun as it is to get to North Bali, it’s also plenty fun once you are there. Lovina is a beach town that defines relaxed. Uncrowded and definitely unhurried, it has a huge range of mellow places to stay right near its reef-protected simple beach. Toss in dining that’s both good and fun and you have got a fine escape from the mania of the south.

The north’s charms extend beyond Lovina. The region, known as Buleleng, has a deep history that is a vital part of Bali as a whole. It was the centre of the Dutch influence until the 2nd world war, and Singaraja, Bali’s second city is still a local cultural haven.

In the northwest, Pemuteran is both a dive mecca and a leader in ecologically sound development – just one more reason to explore the ‘far’ coast of Bali.


Diving and snorkeling at Permutan, chilling at Lovina, breathtaking hills on the road from Seririt, spring-fed poolsat Yeh Sanih, Buleleng’s rich culture at the museums of Singaraja.

(source: Lonely Planet, Bali & Lombok, 2007, page 256)


  • Airport. Most important carriers arrive at airport Ngurah Rai (Denpasar), South of Kuta, some 2½-3 hours by car from the North coast.
  • Private transport. Every ½ hour and in total 16 ferries daily from Ketapang (Java) to Gilimanuk (Bali). Crossing, also cars, takes 30 minutes.


  • Golf. Approximately 30km away from Lovina at altitude1200 meter an 18-hole course; free access; luxury  Country Club and good restaurant.
  • Country scenery. Massive volcanoes, twin lake, tropical rainforest, mountain, sea, botanic garden, etc.
  • Wildlife. Dolphins, variety of tropical birds, monkeys.
  • Tourist activities. Volcano climbing, trekking, boat trip to dolphins, snorkeling, diving, fishing, motor boat rips, water-skiing, paragliding, etc.

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